“Our biggest challenge was that we had neither the time nor the expertise to update our website, but we desperately needed a new look and new info on our website. I was worried about it because I knew I couldn’t get it done but that it needed done. I felt guilty because as a non-profit, I know I should learn how to do these things myself so that we can save money, but at the same time I was living in another country, working 50+ hours per week and it just wasn’t possible.

With that said, and this may sound crazy, but I literally cried when I saw the finished product of what Patrick did with our website. First of all, the anointing of God was all over the work that he did and that is just the facts. Also, Patrick was able to capture our hearts and convey the essence of the work that we do and it truly turned out beautiful. Also, I felt like a gazillion pounds had been lifted off of my shoulders. So relieved and grateful for Patrick’s abilities and his skills! Another great thing is that numerous people have looked at our website and told us how beautiful it is. That is important. We want to represent God well and we want our website to tell our story so that people will be drawn in to want to know more and perhaps to help with the important work that God has called us to do.

We want to encourage anybody that is on the fence about working with Patrick and his team to get OFF the fence!!!! Patrick knows what he is doing! He will LISTEN to you (soooo important) and will deliver an excellent product.”

Jes & Kristen Gray

Directors, Great Door Ministries

“Our absolute biggest challenge was that our telephone volume was very high because people had basic questions about our services.  We were giving the same information and answering the same questions on a high volume of calls. We needed a way to reduce the call volume and still have our customers get the information they needed. Giving the same basic information out continuously on these calls was frustrating and time-consuming. Often we had people leave a voicemail and when returning the call, the information was so basic that it felt like returning calls was wasting time.

I know having a website that provides the right information for people is so valuable. It saves time and energy and I really think the customer appreciates having quick information available. Creative stuff is great but it must be user-friendly to drive business your way.

Since Patrick and his team built the new website, people are now able to get the detailed information they need from the site so our call volume has reduced substantially. The calls that we take now are for those who need more specialized attention. Also, the people we talk to on the phone now already have basic information from the website so the phone call is more productive.

If you’re thinking about working with Patrick I’ll say this, he is both technical and creative so he is able to create a dynamite site that is user-friendly and capable of producing results. He is great at listening to his client and figuring out solutions that technology can bring without adding unnecessary work or cost. He really thought through how our customers would interact with our website and how to get the results we were looking for.  One last thing, Patrick also helps us understand the analytical aspects so we could be sure that potential customers were able to find us. We saw an increase in website traffic right away!”

Brenda Banks

Founder & Executive Director, Cross Electronic Recycling

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